Lockout Video Speaks to Global Regulations and Best Practices

Singapore, May 15, 2013 – Brady Corporation (NYSE:BRC), a global leader in lockout solutions, announced the debut of its new safety training video, “Lockout/Tagout: Global Best Practice Training”. This 25-minute training video speaks to the many global regulations that focus on lockout and the importance of implementing a comprehensive plan.

During the “Lockout/Tagout: Global Best Practice Training” video, viewers will learn about lockout, the benefits of creating an internal program and an overview of compliance standards and regulations from countries around the world. Additionally the video covers important subtopics such as handling group lockout and shift changeovers and provides an outline for an effective four-step lockout program.

“Lockout is considered a best practice act around the globe,” says Aloysius Lim, Brady’s product specialist for workplace safety and compliance solutions. “Having an effective and up-to-date lockout program is essential for any business. Brady’s new “Lockout/Tagout: Global Best Practice Training” video ensures safety managers have the most current training solutions for their authorized and affected employees.”

The training video also includes 19 bonus lockout device installation videos for the most common devices used in facilities. Available in both DVD-format and USB/flash drive, Brady’s training video includes an instructor’s guide, employee quiz and is available in five languages, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and simplified Chinese. 

Lockout/tagout was the ninth most cited regulation by OSHA and the sixth most cited regulation in the general industry. It also has the third highest fines associated with it, garnering 2.8 million dollars in 2012. On a global scale, many jurisdictions and worker safety agencies are incorporating lockout and the control of hazardous energy into their specific programs.

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