Brady Corporation develops a new generation of high performance, customizable pipe marking solution for industrial applications


Singapore, November 14, 2012 – Brady Corporation (NYSE:BRC), a global leader in workplace safety compliance solutions, is introducing a new generation of industrial pipe makers that is a high performance, customizable solution with broad application.

Pipe identification helps both employees and external contractors quickly and effortlessly distinguish between pipes during maintenance. Pipe markers also enhance and facilitate traceability for repairs, saving time and money. In emergency situations, pipe markers aid emergency responders in the quick identification of pipes’ contents, and can make a difference between life and death.

PipemarkersDeveloped in one of Brady’s Global Center of Research & Development Centers of Excellence in Singapore, the new generation of Brady’s pipe markers is made of polyester (PET), tested to withstand temperature tests of 120 degrees centigrade for over 1000 hours in addition to extensive UV exposure, chemical resistance, immersion, weathering and abrasion.

Brady’s pipe markers are fully customizable for multi-coloured, format and inkjet printing to meet our customers’ requirements and ensure compliance to international industry standards such as ASME, ISO, OSHA and IIAR. It is laminated with PET to enhance performance for outdoor applications and is available in coil-around form.

Starting with our peerless engineering, through exacting R&D and high quality material, Brady provides our clients with a complete, reliable and cost effective pipe marking system.

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