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BMP®21-PLUS Label Printer

TOUGH on the Outside. SMART on the Inside.

Engineered With You in Mind

  1. Drop it, no problem - Rubber bumpers to provide protection from falls
  2. Easy to use - Drop and lock cartridges
  3. Lasts all day - Long lasting rechargeable li-ion battery available

BMP21-PLUS Printer

Printer Only

$99 MSRP (USD)

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BMP21-PLUS Printer Kit

Includes hard case and rechargeable Li-ION battery

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BMP21-PLUS Labels

Labels you need to get the job done.

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Anatomy of a BMP®21-Plus Printer

BMP21 Plus Anatomy

Cartridge Compatibility, all M21 cartridges work in BMP®21-PLUS, BMP®21 and IDPal™


Automatic-label formatting for wire wraps, patch panels, terminal blocks, cable flags & general banner labels


104 symbols for electric, smart home, safety and datacomm


Tape widths 0.25" to 0.75" and 70 total material parts


Label grabber holds label after cutting


Rechargeable Li-ION battery


Need something extra? Try a magnet, AC-adapter, carrying case, spare battery and more.

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Label a variety of applications

Electrical Labeling

  • Wire marking and flags
  • Laminated ID
  • Pre-termination heat-shrink labeling

Datacomm Labeling

  • Cable marking and flags
  • Rack, bays, faceplates and patch panel ID
  • Network and data center labeling

General Workplace Labeling

  • Storage bins, drawers and containers
  • Tools, instruments and equipment
  • Safety and lean labeling

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Choose the Right Label

Fulfill your requirements with up to 8 different industry specified materials that last.

Label Selection Guide

BMP21-PLUS Label Printer
Take advantage of the versatility!

$99 MSRP (USD)

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