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BradyJet J5000 Industrial InkJet Color Label Printer

High resolution, high speed color label creation.

Full Color Labels. Maximum Impact.

  1. Use full color photos or graphics to create clear messages
  2. Save time with fewer supplies and less inventory change out
  3. Durable, large format indoor labeling materials

BradyJet Label Printer


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Choosing between an inkjet or thermal transfer printer?
Here's a helpful guide:

What On-Demand Labeling Solution Meets Your Needs?

Industrial Inkjet Thermal Transfer
Color Color
Do you need to
print full color labels?
Prints over 16 million colors for photos, logos,
graphics and more.
Prints single color or multicolor labels (typically with 4-color ribbon options).
Do you need to quickly print color labels?
Prints full color labels in a single pass at a speed of up to 6 inches per second.
Prints labels at a speed of up to 5 inches per second, per color.
Do your labels need to stand up to harsh environments?
Offers indoor label materials with a topcoat that protects against smudging and harsh chemical, liquid and indoor lighting conditions.
Offers indoor and outdoor label durability, including materials that can last up to 8-10 years outdoors with chemical resistance.
Do your labels need high-resolution clarity?
Offers 4800 dpi for label clarity and fine detail on photos, graphics and more.
Offers 300 dpi for safety and facility identification labels.
Are label inventory and material options key factors?
Better for minimal inventory. All you need is white label materials to create full color labels, while using only the ink you need and allowing individual cartridge replacement.
Better for wide range of material options to meet a variety of application needs, including custom label types and pre-printed headers.

The Material Science Behind BradyJet Labels

Brady's R&D scientist, Amitesh Saha, dives into the material science and testing done to ensure label print quality and durability for BradyJet Labels. Check it out below.

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