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2 Year Portable Printer Warranty Content

Brady portable printers come with a 1-year printer warranty standard free of charge. The BMP®21-PLUS, BMP®21-LAB, BMP®41, BMP®51, BMP®53, BMP®61, BMP®71, and BradyPrinter M611 are the exception and have a 2-year warranty. We always stand behind our products to make sure they exceed your expectations and to deliver you an unrivaled customer experience. With a team of 28 certified tech support and repair technicians and our 1 or 2-year warranty backing you up, you can rest assured you’ll have the support you need—every step of the way.

Standard 1-or 2 year warranty* on portable models covers:

  • Repair parts & labor
  • One print head replacement
  • Free return shipping on any printer repair
  • Free lifetime technical support via phone and email
  • Covered Portable Models:

    • BMP®21 Label Printer (1 year)
    • BMP®21-LAB Label Printer  (2 year)
    • BMP®21-PLUS Label Printer  (2 year)
    • BMP®41 Label Printer   (2 year)
    • BMP®51 Label Printer   (2 year)
    • BMP®53 Label Printer   (2 year)
  • BradyPrinter M611 Label Printer   (2 year)
  • BMP®61 Label Printer   (2 year)
  • BMP®71 Label Printer   (2 year)
  • IDXPERT™ Label Printer   (1 year)
  • LABXPERT™ Label Printer   (1 year)
  • TLS PCLink™ Thermal labeling System  (1 year) 
  • * Excludes repairs due to negligence. see Official Terms & Conditions document on this site for full details & restrictions

    Optional Printer Replacement Plan available for Purchase (select models)

    If you don’t want to wait for a repair should your printer need it, then the purchase of a Brady 360™ Printer Replacement Plan will allow you to get a brand new printer sent to you right away when we first determine your printer needs a repair. See terms & conditions for all details and restrictions.

    Brady 360™ Printer Replacement Plans are available for purchase on the following printers:

    • BMP®51 Label Maker
    • BMP®53 Label Maker
    • BMP®71 Label Printer

    Printer Replacement Program

    Product Replacement Plan: 1 year