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NFPA 70E 2015 Changes

The NFPA 70E gets updated every three years. See what’s included in the 2015 update.


The 2015 update includes some of the following changes:

  • Revision to arc flash warning label content
  • Elimination of PPE Hazard Category "0"
  • Elimination of the Prohibited Approach Boundary
  • Additional boundary requirements
  • Revisions to selecting appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Updated training and retraining requirements

Arc Flash Boundaries

Arc Flash Wall
  1. Exposed Conductor, or Circuit
  2. Restricted Approach Boundary (increased likelihood of electric shock)
  3. Limited Approach Boundary (shock hazard exists)
  4. Arc Flash Boundary (distance where up to 2nd degree burns are likely to occur - it could be 1 inch to 20 feet and greater of less than the other boundaries, depending on incident energy)

Changes to Boundary Requirements

  • "Prohibited Approach Boundary" removed
  • Conductive articles of jewlery and clothing must be removed
  • Working space shall not be used for storage
  • Barricades shall not be places closer than the flash boundary when it is greater than the limited approach boundary
  • Insulated tools must be used when working inside the restricted approach boundary

Changes to "Hazard Risk" - Now Arc Flash PPE Category

Updated PPE

Category "0" was removed because the new PPE table only specifies work within the Arc Flash Boundary. There are two methods to select the appropriate PPE.

1. Incident Energy Analysis


2. PPE Tables Method [130.7(c)(15)(A)(b) or 130.7(C)(15)(B) and 130.7(C)(16)]

If the arc flash PPE cannot be determined by the tables, an arc flash calculation must be performed.

The guide to performing arc flash hazard calculations is driven by IEEE Standard 1584-2002. Learn more here.

Changes to Arc Flash and NFPA 70E Training Requirements

  • Annual emergency response refresher training, verification and documentation required
  • Retraining required every three years

Changes to Arc Flash Labels

Owners of electrical equipment subject to arc flash hazards are responsible for the documentation, installation and maintenance of the field-marked labels. It must contain the following information:

Changes Arc
  • Nominal system voltage
  • Arc flash boundary
  • Site specific level of PPE, minimum arc rating of clothing, available incident energy and distance OR the arc flash PPE category

Product Recommendations

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