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Floor Marking Guide

The Benefits of Color-Coding Your Floors and Pathways


Having a consistent color standard for floor marking and understanding the regulations that influence these best practices will help you create and maintain a safer, leaner and more efficient facility.

Floor Marking Examples in a Facility

Aisle Way

Aisle ways and traffic lanes

Work Cells

Work Cells and equipment borders

Material Storage

Material storage areas

QA Inspection

QA Inspection areas

Compliance Marking

Keep clear - Safety & compliance marking

Hazardous Areas

Hazardous areas

Defect scrap rework areas

Defects/scrap rework areas

Operational Areas

Keep clear - Operational areas

Stair Marking

Stair and Egress Marking

Tough Stripe in aisle with forklift

High Traffic Areas

Floor Marking Color Standards Guide

With the right colors in the right places, you can easily keep workers on the right path and identify equipment, storage areas, hazardous areas, forklift traffic and more. Use as few colors as possible to make it easier for employees to remember the meaning of each color and reduce the number of floor marking products you need.

This color guide will help your floor marking be consistent in your workplace:


Aisle ways, traffic lanes and work cells.


Equipment and fixtures not otherwise color coded (workstations, carts, floor stand displays, racks, etc.)

Blue | Green | Black

Materials and components, including raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods


Materials or products held for inspection


Defects, scrap, rework and red tag areas


Steps and perimeter demarcation to identify egress routes in a lights-out emergency


Red & White Stripe

Areas to be kept clear for safety/compliance reasons (areas in front of electrical panels, firefighting equipment, and safety equipment)


Black & White Stripe

Areas to be kept clear for operational purposes (not related to safety or compliance standards)

Yellow & Black Stripe

Areas that may expose employees to physical or health hazards

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