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Efficient Label Printers and Barcode Scanners

Brady makes printing easier, faster and more efficient through high-performing label printers. Our barcode scanners meet a variety of tracking applications as well, from basic to more complex tasks.

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Faulty printers and related problems, such as paper jams, slow response rates or splotchy ink, cause lags in your operating time. Brady's label printers are expertly designed to improve process efficiency while reducing material waste. Our products, including our barcode scanners, offer a variety of money- and time-saving features to help you work more effectively.

Easy-to-Use, Cost-Effective Label Printers

Powered by print smart technology, our label printers promise little to no frustration. This technology easily loads the materials, reducing the chances for paper and ink problems. Plus, the automatic label set up means the device requires no calibration, speeding up your printing activities and improving overall efficiency.

Our label printers feature an intuitive user interface and software, giving you quick and efficient label creation even when the operator has little to no experience in operating the device. Brady offers a selection of portable, desktop and industrial printers to meet your on-site and volume labeling requirements.

Multi-Use Barcode Scanners

Brady barcode scanners offer multiple tracking applications, such as basic data entry, shipping and receiving and more. We offer barcode scanner solutions of varying intricacies. Choose from 1D and 2D basic scanners to fully-integrated data matrix verifies according to your data collection needs. 

View our label printer and barcode scanner products, or email us today for a free demo.