Product ID Solutions


Product ID includes a range of different products and solutions designed to assist businesses with various traceability needs. From tracking internal equipment to helping brands protect their assets, there is a lot you can do with Brady product ID labels and systems.

Find out how Brady can help save your company time and money with the right product ID labeling solution.

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Circuit Board Traceability

A traceability system can provide clear insight into the various steps in the manufacturing process that impact a finished product. That information can then be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Process Improvement
  • Defect resolution
  • Regulation compliance
  • Brand integrity
  • Direct & indirect cost savings

Asset Tagging and Tracking

Asset tags and tracking solutions allows companies to know the location of a given asset its organization. From simple serialized asset labels to complex product workflow asset management, asset tags allow you to track and trace where a product, part, or piece of equipment is at all times. Some equipment or components can be tracked using a simple spreadsheet, while other, more sophisticated processes require or benefit from more sophisticated solutions like barcode scanners, RFID solutions, or asset tracking software that can keep track of equipment and provide alerts when it needs maintenance or inspection.

Asset Tagging and Tracking

Brady SmartID RFID Tag Solutions

Brady's RFID tag solution is one that won Boeing approval for use in its commercial airplane program. In the aerospace industry, it is used to connect global supply and repair chains. Brady offers a complete RFID solution, from the tags, to the printer and the software to program the tags.

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SmartID RFID Tag Solutions