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Spill Control

Prevent, Control and Contain Spills

Spill Prevention, Control and Containment

General Requirements

Spill control and prevention plans are critical to employee safety and protecting the environment. OSHA and the EPA have many regulations, like the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan to help protect employees and the environment.

What is an SPCC Plan?

An SPCC plan is a facility-specific, comprehensive plan outlining both the containment and countermeasures implemented to prevent a spill from occurring and a series of response procedures in the event that one does.

The SPCC plan addresses the following three areas:

  • Operating procedures that prevent oil spills
  • Control measures installed to prevent a spill from reaching the environment
  • Counter measures to contain, clean-up and mitigate the effects of an oil spill that reaches the environment

For more on the SPCC plan and regulation, see the EPA's Facility Owner/Operator Guide.

Spill Response and Procedures

Accidents happen and when a spill occurs, efficient and safe clean-up is critical. To make sure your employees and the environment is protected, download our Spill Procedure Guide.

Spill control and containment solutions

Brady SPC provides some of the most sophisticated absorbent and spill containment solutions in the industry.

Want to know more about why Brady SPC is a choice partner for spill control? Check out this video about what we offer at our newest facility in Louisville, KY.

Spill absorbents, control and containment products

Brady SPC has a wide range of absorbents and spill containment solutions. Find the solution you need below:

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Spill absorbents

How to Select The Right Absorbent

Picking the right materials for spill control and containment is a bit of a science. Choose an absorbent that soaks up more than you need and you may be paying too much. However, choose an absorbent that doesn’t soak up enough, and you may have to purchase more than you actually need.

There are three ways you can quickly assess if you're using the right materials:

  • Check product type - Are you using pads for a leak that a SOC can contain?
  • Check durability - Are your absorbents falling apart due to heavy traffic?
  • Check absorbency - Are your absorbents being used to capacity?

Learn more about Brady SPC spill control and containment product offerings

Check out our latest absorbent and spill control catalog. It's loaded with more than just products, it's a guide to help you understand why spill control is important, how to make the most cost effective decisions, how to choose the right absorbents, and a whole lot more!

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