Data and Voice Telecommunications

Ensuring that networks stays up and running the priority for data and voice telecommunications providers. Minimizing network downtime is crucial to maintaining network operators' profits, reducing customer churn rate, increasing competitiveness and reducing exposure to the financial penalties of service level agreements.

According to research, network downtime can cause companies to suffer financial losses in millions. One of the key contributors to such interruptions is network infrastructure. Management attention has been traditionally devoted to the major network investments - the data centers, servers and network operating software - that cripple a network when they malfunction.

Now, professionals agree that by incorporating an identification protocol into the system, it enables one to provide quick resolution when issues arise. Effective network asset management includes identification and documentation of the physical network assets, as well as the support systems in power, cooling and security.

Brady offers complete identification solutions for the needs of both network documentation and support systems identification, including cable management, network identification, electrical identification and cooling equipment identification, keeping your business to near zero network interruptions.


Make your moves, adds and changes quickly and easily to keep your network up and running.


Maintain uptime by quickly locating power chords and power sources during scheduled maintenance or unplanned failures.


Standards, Requirements and Specifications

Brady is committed to deliver identification solutions up to and beyond all industry standards. Brady is always pushing forward to adhere to the latest and most advanced industry standards. In Datacom the TIA/EIA 606 became a universally recognized standard. Brady uses TIA/EIA 606 as a reference for developing new identification products in ICT & Telecom. For a complete list of standards, or for specific requirements, please contact us.

We are always ready to add your requirements to our extensive laboratory test plan.

Brady offers specific Identification Products in compliance with:

  • ANSI TIA/EIA 606 – a standard towards Datacom on labelling, documentation & testing
  • RoHS compliant – Restriction of Hazardous Substances
  • Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Cadmium, Brominated flame retardants
  • UL recognised
  • UL696 (Underwriters Laboratories): marking & labelling is approved towards this US test method
  • CSA accepted (Canadian Standard Association): marking & printing is approved towards this Canadian test method
  • DIN VDE 0472 Part 815 requirements: method to determine Halogen content

Resistant labels

Untouched by heat

To identify wires and components in extreme heat or general harsh conditions, a Brady specialized label is needed. Several durable and resistant labels in the Brady offer are guaranteed to resist wide range temperatures and all types of solvents.

Select the durable material you need and print it with a dedicated ribbon to guarantee readable labels even when touched by all types of solvents.

Metalised Polyester Labels

White Polyester Labels

EPREP - Engraved Plate Replacement Labels

High Performance Low Shrink Vinyl

Permashield Labels

Label printers and Software

Download Laboratory Identification Catalog for more information.

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