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Brady Floor Marking Solution meets Market demand

Brady’s ToughStripe floor marking solution allows companies to use a highly visible, user-friendly and durable tape in any warehouse environment.

Clear area-marking is very important to guarantee efficiency, productivity and safety in any industrial environment. Brady’s new ToughStripe products meet this need: a range of easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove floor markings that are durable and highly visible.


The ToughStripe markings get their durability from the B-514 polyester top-layer combined with an aggressive adhesive layer, which means the tape does not lift, tear or get scratched. The markings last longer, thus saving time that is otherwise spent replacing them. When needed, the tape can easily be removed, without leaving any residue. The top-layer has a high-gloss surface, making it as visible as new paint.

Dominique Roosen, regional product marketing manager at Brady said: “With ToughStripe, we meet a clear demand from the market. As far as floor markings are concerned, companies expect high standards in order to save time and money. The markings have to be able to withstand intense use, they have to be as visible as paint, but at the same time be easy to remove.” The Brady ToughStripe floor markings have a thickness of 0,2mm, are suitable for indoor use, can withstand chemical materials and temperatures between -18 degrees C and 54 degrees C.

Want to learn more about Brady’s ToughStripe?

Brady can conduct a site assessment at your facilities, advise you on implementation of 5S Lean and prevent slips, trips and falls with the use of Brady ToughStripe floor marking solution.

Call us at (65) 64777 7261 or email us at for more information.

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