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Brady Thermal Management Solution

Silicone Thermal Pads


Materials developed in-house and up-to-date

At Brady, we work to provide our customers with products of the latest technology. At Brady global laboratories, our R&D teams rigorously test our products in-house to ensure high performance, industry compliance, durability, and reliability.

Thermal interface material

In order to meet the thermal requirements of today’s electronic devices, effective heat management is a growing concern for today’s electronic device manufacturers. As electronic devices become smaller and thinner, there is an increasing need to efficiently dissipate harmful heat to prevent premature failure. Brady has a portfolio of high performance thermal interface materials to help to maintain reliability and extending the lifespan of electronic devices.

Silicone Thermal Pads


Silicone Thermal Pads provide an economical solution in electronic devices to rising operating temperature. Brady's Silicone Thermal Pads are available from high to low thermal resistance values in various thickness. The pads can also be coated with pressure sensitive adhesive on one or both sides for specific application.

Soft Gap Filler


Soft Gap Filter is a soft material designed to conduct heat away uneven surfaces. The conformability allows for intimate contact over rough surfaces and eliminates air.

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