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Promotion Period: 28th May to 31st July 2020

Redemption Deadline: 31st Jul 2020

Location : Southeast Asia

Do you know that the Global Mark Printer has been retired and you can trade up your retired printer with the replacement BBP®37 Label Printer and S3100 Sign and Label Printer?

Trade up your retired Global Mark Printer

Your GlobalMark Printer has been an excellent tool for completing your identification projects, and now that it’s retired, it’s an excellent tool to earn some savings. For an extremely limited time when you trade in your GlobalMark or competitive printer and purchase a new Brady printer, you can get up to $1,000 OFF from your printer. Those aren’t the only savings you’ll see with your trade up. With a new Brady printer, you’ll also see:

  • On-going material savings — you’ll save up to 15% annually on your label materials*
  • Time savings —with a larger easier-to-use touchscreen and integrated keyboard**, more design wizards and up to 5x faster print speeds, you can get more done in less time
  • More material options — up to 2x more material options for identification throughout your facility so you don’t have to buy additional printers to complete your tasks

The BradyPrinter S3100 Sign and Label Printer replaces the GlobalMark MonoChrome Printer.

The BradyPrinter S3100 offers automatic label setup with no waste, calibration or trial & error setup. Received up to *$500usd discounts when you trade up your old printer!

The BBP®37 Label Printer replaces the Globalmark Color & Cut Printer

Create colorful workplace visuals with the BBP®37 Sign and Label Printer, which has all the features of the BBP35 Sign and Label Printer but adds a XY cutter to create die-cut shapes and text.Received up to *$1000usd discounts when you trade up your old printer!

Determine if you have an eligible printer to trade up until July 31, 2020

  • Brady Corporation: GlobalMark®1, GlobalMark®2, Labelizer® Plus, VersaPrinter™
  • Cobra Systems:Striker3, StrikerPro, VnM4, VnM8
  • Creative Safety Supply:LabelTac 4, 4 Pro, 6, 9, Pro X
  • Epson ColorWorks: C831, C3400, C3500, C7500
  • Graphics Products:DuraLabel 9000, Kodiak, PRO 300, Toro
  • National Marker:U400LP, UDO400
  • Industrial Safety Solutions:SafetyPro, 4G, 7G, 9G, Evolution 600, Ranger
  • Max Systems: CPM-100

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*Terms and Conditions apply