Identification & Engineering Solution For Automotive Industry

Brady Automotive ID & Labeling Solutions

Brady offers wide selection on product information labels and identification for Tier 1 and 2 suppliers for interior components. Brady also provides die-cut services with capabilities to produce complex die-cut designs. When it comes to automotive component labeling, if you need it, Brady can design it.



  • Airbag warning labels & seating labels
  • Warning & safety labels
  • Service part labels
  • Security & anti-counterfeit labels
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Numbers (VIN) labels
  • Interior branding & information labels
  • Wire harness labels & wire marking labels
  • Die-cut Felts in electronics
  • Die-cut Tapes in seats, inner door etc
  • Die-cut Foams in electronics, seats etc



The car exterior is subjected to harsh weather conditions and Brady understands it very well. Brady has extensive library of materials that are capable of withstanding harsh conditions and Brady continues to invest in research and development to meet the ever-changing demands.


Brady offers product identification as well as die-cut solutions on various parts in the underhood. Brady’s materials are developed to meet harsh conditions in the automotive industry and Brady continues to invest in research and development with the voice of customers as our guide. Brady’s labels are built to last the life of the vehicle and so much more

  • Gear unit labels
  • Fuel cap labels
  • Car battery labels
  • Fuse box labels
  • Service part labels
  • Warning and safety labels
  • Engine block labels
  • Die-cut gaskets, seals, tape, foam etc


100% Traceability & Identification Automation

Brady provides track and trace solution for inventory and parts tracking, warning and safety labeling, interior and exterior branding. Auto-applying your identification, is not only fast and efficient, it reduces human error (poka-yoke) and compliments your automated inspection systems.

Brady’s identification solutions ensure 100% traceability and consistent quality.

Traceability increases productivity

Component lifetime identification enhances process efficiency and quality control by allowing traceability to where a quality issue originated. Brady component identification solutions range from specialist labeling for airbags to steering columns and can be designed to comply with the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive.

  • Improve production efficiencies
  • Improve management and reporting
  • Improve accuracies and reduce mistakes
  • Reduce mistakes and faults along the production line through traceability
  • Greatly simplifies the process of identifying the problem and rectifying the error