TLS PC Link Portable Label Printer Support

This printer and related materials have been retired.
Labels manufactured after July 1st, 2022 will
no longer work with this printer - upgrade today!

Upgrade Your Printer!

An M611 label printer.

The M611 Bluetooth Label Printer directly replaces the TLS PC Link

Get more flexibility in the field with the M611. With a compact design and big capabilities, store more than 1,000 labels on board, then print them on a single charge. Share label files. Import data. Design and print your way anytime, anywhere using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With a phone, tablet or computer, create authentic labels with 100’s of purpose-built materials. Get the job done right with the M611.

See how it works
TLS to M611 Ribbon Conversion
TLS Ribbon M611 Ribbon
R4310 M61-R4310
R6210 M61-R6210
R6410 M61-R6410
R4410-WT M61-R4410-WT
R4410-BL M61-R4410-BL
R4410-RD M61-R4410-RD
R6010 M61-R6010
R6710-WT M61-R6710-WT
R6610 M61-R6610
R6810-WT M61-R6810-WT

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