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There are a lot of considerations on how implementing RFID will impact your processes.

Needs Assessment

Is RFID a requirement, or are you implementing it to improve your own operations… or both? We can help your company understand how the technology can improve your logistical operations, evaluate system integration options, and help assess the best ways you can leverage the technology.

Label Application

RFID label performance is impacted by environment, orientation of the label, and many other considerations. There are also the physical performance considerations such as fluid exposure, cleaning processes, and repair processes. As a expert in identification solutions, Brady has a lot of experience and best practices we can apply to your unique application.

Artwork Design

As part of our ATA Template design, we help design artwork so that your labels can be compliant, and meet your own requirements. Whether this means implementing a 2-D data matrix with some unique information, or adding your company logo, we ensure your labels are compliant to the industry standards.


Installation of RFID equipment is a change in process. We will work with your team to identify the stakeholders, talk through the installation and implementation process, and work with you every step of the way so that you can make a smooth transition to using the technology.

Continued Support

Brady remains an active member of the governing agencies and working groups that manage RFID, nameplate, data requirements, and other specifications within Aerospace. We pass this knowledge onto our customers. We will continue to support our solutions and software as specification updates are released.

On-Site Encoding and Printing Systems

A fully automated RFID solution, including integration, readers and software enables automation complete with analytics and process improvements.

Full System Integration

  • Highly customized need analysis
  • Integration with company ERP system
  • Auto-writing data to RFID label printer
  • Auto-writing back to ERP system

Enterprise class RFID software

  • Increased forecast accuracy
  • Streamlined shipping costs and order accuracy
  • Reduced downtime in manufacturing
  • Time savings in maintenance and repair

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