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Pre-printed and Encoded Tags

Aerospace RFID Solutions

Pre-printed and encoded RFID labels

Our pre-printed RFID label services allows you to quickly and easily integrate RFID tagging into your part production process.

What you get

  • Compliance with Boeing and Airbus artwork and data requirements
  • All encoded information validated and records provided
  • ATA Spec-2000 compliance
  • Certificates of conformance available
  • Quick turn-around
  • The same flexible, chemical-resistant Brady aerospace RFID labels used in OEM print systems


  • No capital investment needed
  • No software training or printer operation required
  • Immediately support multiple remote sites
  • Pre-print service scales as your relabeling needs grow
  • Evaluate RFID for efficiency gains within your company’s own production process

The process

Printed/encoded information format is defined

Part birth record data is provided to Brady

Labels are printed, encoded, verified and shipped

Labels received by customer and ready for production

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